YouGov’s Economic Tracking Data

For its Household Economic Activity Tracker (HEAT) data, YouGov’s asks consumers about their economic outlook on a daily basis, conducting more than 77,000 interviews a year. The data is a powerful tool for any organisation looking to understand how consumers interact with the economy.

YouGov's HEAT data covers all aspects of consumer economic behaviour, including:

  • Household financial situation: current position and expected future changes; debt levels
  • Workplace: job security, business activity, projected job growth
  • Housing: prices and expected change
  • Credit: needs, cost and availability
  • Spending: current and expected future spend in categories such as groceries, vacations, mobile phones, newspapers, clothing, going out
  • Macroeconomics: expected inflation rate, confidence in government management, overall conditions for making major purchases

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The YouGov / Cebr Economic Briefing

The YouGov/Cebr Economic Briefing combines HEAT data with expert insight from the Centre for Economics and Business Research. It provides an in-depth, up-to-date, monthly review of how consumer attitudes and behaviours are shaping the economy.

Areas covered by the YouGov/Cebr Economic Briefing:

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YouGov / Cebr Consumer Confidence Index

  • The Index looks at:

    - House value (home owners only)
    - Household financial situation
    - Job security
    - Business activity in your place of work

Consumer spending power analysis

    • Reported and expected income growth 
    • Cost of living
    • Spare cash availability

Household spending patterns and behaviour

  • Spending patterns
  • Saving and borrowing

Consumer attitudes

  • Consumer concerns
  • Government handling of the economy

Latest economic and business outlook data from Cebr

  • Business confidence
  • Aggregate economic sentiment indicator

Economic forecasts

  • GDP
  • Interest rates
  • Employment
  • RPI

YouGov Economic Dashboard

YouGov also provides HEAT data to clients through its Economic Dashboard. The dashboard is customisable and interactive and provides subscribers with an up-to-date stream of consumer economic data:

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Deep content

  • Respondents are asked detailed questions about their income, debt and use of debt products, employment, housing, and spending, giving a 360 degree perspective on how consumers interact with the economy


    • Data is collected every business day and delivered to your desktop by the third workday of the following month


  • We can work with you to identify key segments that can be broken out separately in the dashboard as a special segment


  • Unlike traditional reports, the economic dashboard allows subscribers to easily explore the data - comparing how different sub-groups compare to the national norms. With access to the historical data, you can easily see how a current data point fits into the context of the past 5 years

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