Reputation Management

We provide global and local reputation research support for governments, blue chip companies, NGOs, think tanks, and smaller businesses.

Progressive organisations know their reputation is everything; understanding it, highlighting how to manage it and also providing projects that develop it, is at the heart of what we do.

Reputation Understanding: For organisations looking to understand their reputation, our approach is to isolate the critical perceptual drivers and highlight the development levers for your priority audiences – customers, employees, suppliers, as well as elite groups such as industry experts, politicians, NGOs and journalists. Reputation can then be tracked over time.

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Reputation Development: to help develop your reputation, we can provide research collateral for communication activities or simply drive internal knowledge, using:

  •  ‘thought leadership’ research projects
  •  issue-specific surveys (particularly targeting ‘elites’)
  •  live events with elite audiences

We specialise in conducting research with elite respondents, completing hundreds of in-depth interviews and thousands of quantitative surveys every year. Talk to us about harnessing this approach for your organisation.

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We worked in partnership with the PRCA on the Future of Public Affairs Commission

Read our white paper on Reputation of Banking

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