SoMA - Social Media Analysis

YouGov SoMA is a revolutionary new social media analysis tool which allows you to measure what your target audience is hearing. By overlaying demographic data with comments made on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, YouGov SoMA provides real meaning to the noise of social media. 

With YouGov SoMA you can track your audience the way you define it. By customising demographic filters you can drill down to the people that matter most to you. 

It is unique. Why?

  • Complete demographics - empowers you to filter to any audience you care about (by age, location, magazine readership, car owners)
  • Reach - measure the % of the UK population that are hearing about you
  • Whole conversation - measure conversations from Facebook and Twitter
  • Big picture - contextualise your scores from one day over 1,000 brand pages to search through and benchmark against
  • Real world impact - test the impact of your findings through surveying the audience you care about

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