Tablet Track

Tablet Track is a quarterly survey, started in 2010, a month after the launch in the UK of the Apple iPad.  It is made available on a syndicated basis to operators, retailers, tablet manufacturers, regulators and other interested parties.

Each wave at least 1,500 tablet owners and 2,000 UK representative adults are interviewed and reported on.

Key topics include:

  • Tablet usage, attitude and satisfaction
  • Mobile operator usage, attitude and satisfaction
  • Renewal
  • Churn
  • Apps
  • Propensity to purchase
  • Pricing analysis
  • And more.

Deliverables include: 

  • PowerPoint report
  • Quarterly presentation at client premises (within 50 miles of London)
  • Full deck of charts
  • Tables and data files

 Extra questions and segmentations can be added for an additional fee.

For an example of the data you can see please click here.

We do a series of webinars - access our Content on Demand - The future of the digital market and the impact on traditional linear service webinar here. 

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